the story in mind

An album created by an established performer and a prolific composer, who have known and worked with each other for a long time, already promises to be something special. And things get even more interesting if the two collaborators come from different cultural backgrounds.

THE STORY IN MIND, an album by Paul Cibis and Kai-nan Huang, is a case in point. Years of collaboration between the musicians have now culminated in their first CD, a collection of piano works that interlaces Western musical structures with an Eastern sense of beauty.

Though hailing from two different continents, the two musicians are deeply familiar with Western and Asian cultures. Born in Taiwan, Kai-nan Huang was educated in Europe; Paul Cibis, who had trained in different parts of Europe, has extensive experience performing in Asia.

THE STORY IN MIND features 14 tracks, including arrangements of two well-known film music tunes. The others are all original works. Each piece has its own story, triggered and inspired by real life events. The music is gentle and poetic, creating a space for the mind to wander about. THE STORY IN MIND displays fine vocal lines, sound balance and multiple layers of phrasing that bring out the various qualities of the music.

The CD booklet is also a work of art in its own rights. Designed by Chinese artist Yung-kai Chen, it contains 24 poems written by Chinese writer Shyh-an Huang and American writer Sebastian Bitticks. The two independently wrote one poem for each of the 12 original tracks, effectively accentuating the power and inspiration of the music through the beauty of poetry.

01 Prelude: The Story in Mind
02 Etude: Ballare al Suono del Pianoforte
03 La Douleur Tracée
04 Ein Licht im Nebel der Nacht
05 Tees by River
06 A Time for Us (arr.)
07 Please Listen to Me
08 Waltz in A Minor
09 Intermezzo: Traveller
10 After You Had Left
11 The Church Corner
12 The Memo
13 Love Story (arr.)
14 Of Whom Have You Dreamed Lately

The CD was first released in Taiwan in June 2011 by Taipei based record label ArchiMusic, for more information please visit (currently only in Chinese). You can purchase the album online on,, and

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(background picture taken from CD booklet © Yung-kai Chen)